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Himcolin Himcolin Active Ingredient $30.25 for pill Himcolin gel helps to achieve long-lasting erections. More information Haridra Haridra Active Ingredient $50.14 for pill Haridra is a well-known herb that helps in combating allergy effectively. More information Hydrochlorothiazide Hydrochlorothiazide Active Ingredient $0.28 for pill Hydrochlorothiazide is a thiazide diuretic that helps the kidneys to remove fluid from the body. More information Hyzaar Hyzaar Active Ingredient losartan, hydroclorotiazide $0.52 for pill Hyzaar is used for treating high blood pressure. It may be used to decrease the risk of stroke in certain patients with high blood pressure. More information Hytrin Hytrin Active Ingredient terazosin $0.73 for pill Hytrin is used for treating high blood pressure and treating signs and symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). More information Himplasia Himplasia Active Ingredient $22.14 for pill Himplasia is used to maintain a healthy prostate and an effective reproductive function. More information Hoodia Hoodia Active Ingredient oxypregnane, steroidal, glycoside $1.29 for pill Hoodia has received publicity in recent times for its natural appetite suppressant properties. More information Haldol Haldol Active Ingredient haloperidol $1.42 for pill Haldol is used to treat schizophrenia. It is also used to control motor and speech tics in people with Tourette's syndrome. More information Hydrea Hydrea Active Ingredient hydroxyurea $1.52 for pill Hydrea (Hydroxyurea) is used to treat melanoma, chronic myelocytic leukemia, ovarian and primary squamous cell cancer, carcinoma of the head and neck (excluding the lip), chronic myelogenous leukemia, sickle cell anemia. More information
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